Thursday, January 19, 2012

UUUUggggHHHH............. LuCy Is NoT BeInG a VeRy GoOd BLOgGeR>>>>

Hello Lovelies.......

Lately i have been reading, so much so that i forget that I need to contribute to the process too. You all write for me, so its only fair I do the same and update my blog. I kinda get engrossed in your stories and feel like im there with you, and when it comes to writing about my own life it just seems, well, mediocre!

Getting into the swing of things has not been easy, in years passed I seemed to ease into the year alot quicker but this January has been a major exception. Hearing the alarm buzzing in the morning has been a reminder of a new day and a whole new set of challenges, Bleh!. I think i need some new perspective, perhaps a drastic change? chopping all my hair off? I get brave and then suddenly snap back to reality and think how much I would probably hate short hair. The good news is that our holiday plans are back in action (after my kidney infection screwed up my last trip ) and Im totally looking forward to it, the plan is to do it for my birthday in April, and have the whole family tag along.

My business is starting to (very) slowly pick up and i have three bookings in place so far, thank you Google Adwords!

Last night I lay awake for sometime thinking about this year, what exactly would this year hold, would it be the year for a baby, the year for my business or career, the year of travels perhaps?. hey I'm just tagging along for the ride at this point, but all in all my hopes are for happiness. I am proud to say that one of my goals this year was to start wearing heels to work more often, and I have really done  myself proud!. I came across this saying the other day and loved it, perhaps the mantra for the year ahead?

Anyways im gunna put us all out of our misery and stop writing now, this post has been totally uninspired, perhaps ill go do some more reading...... hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm one of those days huh! yeah one of those days.

With all my love


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog! I really appreciate it. And about the hair chopping - I think that multiple times a day. I just want it off! Until I remember that short hair takes foreverrrr to grow back out :)

    1. Hey Brooke, so sorry for the late response, Like the title says Iv been terrible with my blog lately. I think iv settled for a basic trim and perhaps some colour, that way its still a change but not too drastic ;-) I follow so many blogs, please remind which one belongs to you??? have a wonderful day! xoxoxo