Wednesday, January 11, 2012

luCy loVeS.... mAkInG A HoUsE a HoMe.....

Hello Lovelies....

Last night Mars and i watched a show dedicated to the lifestyles and homes of celebrities and sports stars of South africa. We sat in awe of the amazing homes displayed before us. Most where coastal homes with panoramic views of the sea. It made me long for a coastal life again, and I hope one day we will be able to move to the sea and have a family there.

I managed to find the shows webpage and got most of the pics of the homes we saw, take a look:

This home below was my absolute favourite!

The local magazine based show was such an inspiration, A lot of the homes where very structural and modern, and i am more subtle and vintage, but all in all the homes were amazing. It left me feeling inspired to do up our home. Our new master bedroom (which you can read upon here) is such an inspiration and I cant wait to get started on the rest of the home.

I have decided to paint the guest room (which is currently my dressing room) grey, I think its a good neutral colour, and hopefully when we turn the room into a nursery we will be able to work pinks, yellows or blues into it. I also want to test my hand at some hanging origami birds, tricky I know but im gunna try. The guest room is so bare right now and needs a revamp, you can read ramblings about my guest room/ dressing room here. I just love the vintage furniture i own that live in the room and I cant wait to imcorporate it into the space.

My plan for the room is explained in this little mood board I made... what do you think....

I love our area down stairs and would love to work on it further, the one piece that makes this whole room is our vintage mantel piece.... take a look.

i certainly think we are well on the road to making our house a home, it may not be a mansion or over the top like the first pictures, but its home and thats all that matters.I truly believe this will be the place we bring our first child home to. And like i said in my last post, no matter where I am, as long as I am in the arms of the man I love then im home.

Have a great evening

With all my love

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