Our lil Love Story....

Marsden and I had a turbulent relationship to begin with, I was mostly to blame as I was not ready to settle down and still very much involved in the club scene and hanging with my mates. The first time i met Mars he was sitting over at a table with a friend on a Wednesday night at a local club/ bar, I had tagged with a girlfriend who had just broken up with her boyfriend and wanted to go out and party. Mars was clean cut back then, and i was something of a wild child ( I guess i still am). Mars casually sat back and stared at me, our eyes constantly met and I would prance by and give him one of those looks. I must admit i was a bit of a cheeky bugger, but hey I was having fun. Eventually I shook Marsden off, He wasnt making a move and I certainly was not going to.

My friend and i had a couple drinks chatted to a few people and eventually made our way to the dance floor, all the while with Marsdens piercing eyes staring right through me. Mars got up and came to the floor, still looking and not talking, I had seriously had enough of this guy, i walked up to him and said " I made the first move, you decide what happens next". looking back now that was the cheesiest, most embarrassing thing ever, but I was trying to be a bad ass and it seemed to work. Mars ran after me and said something along the lines of " you cheeky little monkey who do you think you are" we both laughed and I said I was leaving , he begged me to stay or atleast give him my cell number, I started rattling off a fake number and half way through something clicked, this guy watched me all night trying to figure out a strategy, and maybe, just maybe id like to hear what he has to say, so i gave him my real one. We met up the following night and ended up kissing each other after a drink at a restaurant, it was the single most moving moment in my life. i had never been kissed like that, not ever. That Sunday we i told him I was undoubtely in love with him and he agreed, he also told me that he would marry me, come hell or high water, i would be his wife.

 cant get over how clean cut Mars was when we met, And how crazy i used to dress! lol

I got more fashion sense as i grew in fashion design at university, and Mars started growing his hair, which I love!

Things went a little pear shaped, i got scared and messed him around, I partied too hard and didn't feel ready to have a relationship and after being on and off for some time we called it quits and I decided to hop on a plane and move to my father, in Cape Town. Mars promptly quit his job, telling his boss that he couldn't focus on work at that moment and needed to work out his life. 6 months past and no talking was done until one day Marsden accidentally sent me a message that was meant for a family member. Firstly i couldn't believe that he still had my number and secondly, mistake or not, I had just heard from him for the first time in 6 months. I politely replied and said that he had sent the message to the wrong person, and it started something. Mars called me every single night and begged me to come home, and eventually i did. I jumped on a plane and flew home, i waited in the terminal for what seemed like an age waiting to see Marsden through the sea of faces, eventually I made my way outside to see if i could find him and then, just like in the movies, i felt someone picking me up around my waist, flinging me around and gently kissing me. i knew then that this is where i was suppossed to be and no matter where I was in the world, If i was in those arms i would be home. He waited for so long and he preserved because he believed in our love.

That year (2009) we moved in together, we stayed in a little mouse box of a flat but we were together and that's all that mattered. And that December Marsden took me away to the ocean and rode me up a mountain on horse back and got down on one knee and fulfilled his promise he had made just three days after we had met, he was making me his wife.

Not the typical glam "just got engaged" photo. we were sweaty and dirty and full of horse hair, and had red flushed faces from all the emotion. On top of a mountain, with the horses and the excitement of  knowing I was going to spend the rest of my life with him.

 a month later we had our dream engagement party, all Asian inspired.

What a great day!

Marsden is truly my soul mate and I feel blessed to wake up next to him everyday of my life, I know now that the trails we faced in the beginning was only to make us stronger. The journey has been incredible and I cant wait to see what the future holds for us. Marsden makes me a better person and without him i would not know what to do with myself, as they say dont marry someone you can live with, marry someone you cannot live without.