Saturday, January 4, 2014

A new year and I Love Lucy

Hello lovelies,

So its a new year and i haven't attended to I love Lucy for almost two years, i would love to make all sorts of excuses about why i haven't blogged and what went on in that time, but the only thing that comes to mind is that life just got the best of me. In the last year Mars and I got put on a medical probation with our medical aid that prohibited us from doing any medical Fertility treatments. This was a major blow for us both and it took me a few months to actually get over it, in retrospect it was a major blessing, for a long time our main focus was having a baby, so much so that it became a intense obsession and I kinda lost myself. the last year year afforded us the opportunity to actually focus on US, a year of relaxation and reflection before the big treatment year of 2014.

I decided that this year would be a good year for me to blog, its going to be a big year filled with fertility treatments and most importantly our operation in February which will see my cyst finally being removed and having as much of the Endometriosis removed as possible. Another amazing thing about this blog is having a look back at how it all started, i was younger and my focus was completely different. Since the Start of this Blog I was retrenched, re-hired, resigned and headhunted, i have focused more on my career in Shipping and built an incredible relationship with my husband, my family has got stronger and I truly am in a happy place in my life. Barring our fertility obstacles we really have grown and matured as husband and wife and built strong foundations in our faith. I truly believe that now more than ever we are ready for treatment this year.Looking back perhaps all my efforts in trying to pursue fertility treatments were simply not at the right time of our lives and Gods simply played his hand at waiting for us to be ready to tackle it head on.

One wonderful part of this journey started when i signed up for Instagram, signing up to that network under the impression that it was simply a social media platform designed for amateur iPhone photographers to share their best "selfies" ended up saving me from moments when i felt that there was no hope. One evening after a good cry and "why me" moment, i started searching the hashtag "TTC" and "infertility", all at once a new world of support was opened to me, hundreds of women who had connected in the fight against infertility. I became part of something greater than I ever knew possible, a sisterhood of women going through the EXACT same thing that i was, in world were i always felt completely alone because everyone I knew had the biological ability to conceive naturally. Although i am not as active on IG as most the women are because of my very demand job, they are constantly there for me, sending me a mail of encouragement or simply just sharing their own experiences and stories. I cant thank these women enough for everything they have done for me in the last year.

So this is just a little start off to the new year, I'm going to pace myself getting back into blogging, This blog will now be dedicated to TCC and Infertility, It will document my journey as we dive head first into treatment this year. I'm going to leave you with a couple pictures of a photo shoot Mars and i did for our 3rd wedding anniversary in July 2013. you can check out more pics and the inspiration behind the shoot here:

Ill be back, i promise!

With all my love

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