Thursday, May 19, 2011

LuCy LoVeS...........IcOnIc PiCtUrEs & ThE OrIgInAl I LoVe LuCy!!!!!!!!

Hello Lovelies...........

This is gunna be quite a short little post,I realise i havent written in a while (and at this point there is not many of you to write too, lol) but i hope you enjoy it regardless.

When i first came across the original I love Lucy TV series, i was absolutely spell bound. I watched a few quick snippets on you tube here and there, and was completely taken with Lucille Ball, who plays Lucy. Her whining voice and fiery red hair made up a gutsy young actress, with a sense of humor bar none!!!. I found there was really something to making movies and television shows in the 50's. It was truly an art, always touching, sentimental,dramatic and funny! do yourself a favour and go check it out, you wont regret it i promise.

Next to Lucy, i fell madly in love with Vivian Vance. Vivian played the land lady in the sitcom and was hysterical, as was most of the cast. I began to read up on Vivian and i was completely taken back by the pictures taken from her younger years.... all i can say is wow.

i found myself gooling all sorts of iconic pictures after i had seen these, and wondered where all the magic of photography had gone? its all about fancy lights, locations and perfect models. But many of the most iconic photos were taken in the spirit of the moment, and i truly believe thats why everyone really gravitates towards them, we can all relate to different scenes, and different emotions. Each picture really tells its own story.

take a look at some of my favourite iconic pictures:

Go on lovelies, make your mark and be iconic in your own right, why allow the media to dictate our spirit. Be yourself and always remember...........Love, Laugh, Live

with all my love........

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LuCy LoVeS...........SaRaH BuRtOn & ThAt WhItE DrEsS!!!

Hello Lovelies..........

Havent had a chance to sit down and write for a while, its been crazy with so many public holidays!

I dont want to write a lengthy tale about the dress and how stunning the whole wedding was, i am pretty sure most of you watched the elegance and grace of Catherine as she walked that aisle. I personally got choked up!. The wedding has been so well documented till this point that i thought i would post more about the designer and my personally favourite dress of the day (besides Kates dress ofcourse).

Sarah Burton had the honour of working together with Kate to create the wedding gown masterpiece that she was adorned in, A true designer dream to be commissioned to design something of this magnitude. An iconic piece of clothing that will be instilled in peoples minds forever, that moment.......the moment she stepped into the car and the dress was revealed, thats when Sarah's career launched into a new dimension. Sarah works for one of my favourite fashion houses, Alexander Mcqueen. She really has a quirky outlook on fashion, take a loook at some of her previous collections:

Sarah truly has her finger on the pulse of the fashion industry and so it was no surprise to see that Pippa (Kate's sister) was wearing a stunning white Sarah Burton creation. That dress stole the show for me, the low sweeping neckline, her tanned skin against that diamond white, just absolutely gorgeous. a true work of creativity and ultimate genius, it was simple and pretty, she was the perfect picture of maid of honor.

I dont know about you lovelies, but the more i look at this the more i fall in love!

What a wedding, the dresses, the ceremony, the guests, the grandure!!!! it leaves me kinda wondering........ whats the fashion going to be like at the next big Westminster function, the bar is set fashionista's......... get thinking!

With all my love