Friday, October 28, 2011

LuCy LoVeS....... A LiL ApPrEcIaTiOn & StACkS oF LoVe..........

Hello Lovelies......

So first off i gotta rave about the primer i wrote about yesterday, i put it on this morning and its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! seriously ladies if you want flawless glowing skin i would highly reccomend using the MAC primer before foundation application. Today the post is not about make up or fashion its about love and appreciation for the ones that are in your life.

After our crazy move to a bigger place, Mars and I found that we were struggling to keep up with day to day chores. Stupid fights come up when things like that happen, "why didnt you do the dishes" blah blah blah, and so we decided to make a roster. I must admit that the roster has been a huge hit, so successful infact that when people see it on our fridge they ask if they can steal the idea and make their own.

At the end of the day its not really about the roster, it not about feeling obligated to wash the dishes or do a load of laundry, its all about appreciation. Taking the time to appreciate the person you married, or perhaps the person you live with is really important, its a way of saying "i acknowledge you", its a way of showcasing your love and affection, even if its just making the bed, or cleaning out the cat sand box (Yuck!).

haha if only we could all clean the house this gracefully.... lol i usually have my hair in a pony and some old grubby t shirt on.

Well lovelies, thats all the 'sentimental' you going to get out of me this afternoon, it must be the heat, but i am running on a very small percentage of brain capacity at the moment. I really need all the energy i can get at this point because tomorrow we have a full day of family and friends and then the KINGS OF LEON CONCERT!!!! tomorrow night. I am so excited i could just jump right out of my skin. I have loved this band for soooooooooo long and finally i am going to see them, yeeehaaaaaaa! what bands have you had the priviledge of seeing live? leave a comment, id love to know.

Please stay tuned next week as im going to be doing a full write up on the concert and all that happened. Plus ill do a lil write up on what we all wore and the hair and make up involved.

My lovelies have a fantastic weekend and soak up all the goodness that life has to offer.

All my love......

Thursday, October 27, 2011

LuCy LoVeS........ 10!

My lovelies........

I just had a look and noticed that i officially have 10 followers! my goodness after blogging to just my husband and a good friend for months i finally have more than two people interested in what i have to say! wowzers.

Love all your blogs already..... cant wait to see what the future in the blogger community holds.

With all my love, and enourmous gratitude......

LuCy LoVeS..... MaC AnD LuLuS!

Hello Lovelies.............

The weather really seems to be easing up, or perhaps im being fooled by my glorious air con? either way im feeling a lot cooler and looking forward to some possible rain this evening. Our master bedroom is upstairs in our home and so its like sleeping in a desert, i will gladly welcome some rain.

Today i want to do a bit of a product review, I havent done one in a while and this is one that i just love. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that i am in love with Essence and Mac. Essence is just a fun range of really girly products while I use Mac for all my foundation - (the truth is, if I could afford it i would buy all my make up there)

Today i went out and bought my foundation, i usually use the studio fix fluid in NW 20 and today i made the change to NW 18. while i loved the look of the 20, the 18 is far more subtle and matches my very fair skin perfectly. the thing about MAC is the long wear application, one application in the morning and you have nothing to worry about for the rest of the day. You may need to touch up if you are going out on the town in the evening, but generally one application a day will last. The make up artist advised using a primer before applying the foundation, creating a three step process of moisturizer, priming of the face and then the application of foundation. I truly think the key to a flawless, and more importantly seamless, looking skin is to use a good foundation brush. Up until about a year ago i was applying all my base with my hands, causing my skin to break out worse than ever. i was advised by a make up artist at MAC to start using a foundation brush, i found one that had a rounded tip, allowing it to completely contour to my face, getting in all those small hard to reach areas that your fingers miss. As of now i have a small amount of primer to see me through a couple days, just so i get a feel for it and if i like i will probably go back and buy a tube.

My purchases for the day....

Another wonderful little thing that I discovered was a lovely stippling brush from MAC. The great thing about the store is they will help you test and choose the best possible products for your skin type. While testing out different colours on my skin the make up artist used this amazing stippling brush. I had to stop myself from falling asleep and drooling all over her as it was soooo soft and gentle on my face. and the results with the brush were amazing. This will definitely be a be a future investment of mine. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT BRUSH!!!

this brush is amazing....want, want, want....

The walk back to the office took me past one of my favorite coffee shop, Lulu's, and a caramel mocha with an extra shot really went down nicely after a lovely little splurge.

Ladies pop me a comment with your fav make up brand and product at the moment....

Have a wonderful evenings lovelies

With all my love.........

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LuCy LoVeS... RaNtS AnD RaVeS! (i wont lie i wrote this on Monday)

Hello lovelies....

so today is a real "welcome to Africa" kinda day, we are suffering with a major heat wave at the moment, I think it’s about 39 degrees outside, but lucky me I’m enjoying the cool air conditioning in my office, I hear that we better brace ourselves as this is gunna last a while.

Marsden and I really enjoyed a wonderful weekend, we had the honor and privilege of babysitting little miss Michaela, aka Munchy, Munchkin, Mickey Mouse, Mouse or Pea (the last couple are names I call her). I think looking after another little person makes you realize a certain amount of "maternal instinct", things come naturally and you kinda just do them... so I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a real mom, I guess that's why moms don’t mind dirty nappies and vomit too much. I on the other hand still have a major problem with vomit and my best friend and I agree that as a woman you need to have your children very close together and make them sleep in bunk beds, that way if one of them throws up in the middle of the night you can wake the other and say "hey you wanna make 20 Bucks" with a lovely grin on your face. We both agree that this is a brilliant plan, however many moms have laughed at our brilliance and simply say "when it’s your own you don’t care"; I guess I’ll have to test the theory.

with the new Monkey that uncle Mars bought me......

Today has been one of those days, I’ve dropped everything, made silly typing errors and called people by an incorrect name, I guess it’s a case of the Monday blues but my aching back certainly has played a role in it all. That’s my rant... My rave is that it’s only 5 more sleeps till we go to the Kings of Leon concert. Mars and I don’t often go out and when he surprised me with tickets I almost jumped out my skin, after suffering with a kidney, bladder and chest infection all at once we had to suddenly cancel a holiday we had been planning for weeks, I felt very sorry for myself and so My wonderful Husband surprised me with the tickets to make it all better!

I feel kinda bad that I haven’t had the opportunity to blog in a couple days, in fact I have been reading some incredible blog posts and all the while I keep thinking "where do you find the time????". Between working, cleaning my house, and trying to have some normal social life I find it very difficult to blog every day. I find those woman who blog all the time have such a passion for it and perhaps my posts are not as in depth and exciting to read, either way I still love doing it, and am very proud that I have a whole nine people following me! yeeehaaaaa! Thanks guys.. You make it worth it.

Have any of you found a blog that you are raving about at the moment? I have been reading soooo many it’s hard to pin point one that I really love. Pop me a comment with blogs that you love and share it!

Wishing you all a fantastic week filled with love laughter and rays of goodness.

With all my love........

Friday, October 21, 2011

LuCy LoVeS........... FaCe PaInTiNg.........

Hello Lovelies...........

So my lovely hubby suggested i write a little bit about what i do for a living, and i thought that would be a great idea since i havent really posted about that.

i work for a fantastic company in melrose arch called Metalmin, i just love it here. the people are amazing and we truly treat each other like family. everyday here is exciting and challenging and most of all fun!

take a look:

Yes thats me! playing silly in the office!

gorgeous surprise party for me in the office!

um we love coffee......

And Foos ball.........

When im not having fun at work and hanging out with my amazing colleagues, im running my side line business called Serenity Creations.

I love children and have always had a passion to work with them somehow. After i studied in design i found i wasting my painting abilities and decided to do something about it. I loved children and art and after doing my first face painting party i was hooked. there is no better feeling than seeing that tiny face light up when they look in the mirror and see their new creation, it really is the most rewarding feeling in the world!

take a look at some of my work:

helps when the kids are soooooo cute!

This was from a dance festival i did.....

Some body art....

I hope you enjoyed this piece about me and what i do......... all your comments are welcome! Please be kind! hehe

With all my love

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LuCy LoVeS........... PeRsOnAl BlOgS.........

Hello lovelies...

Lately i have been reading a lot of personal Blogs, don't get me wrong i love the fashion related posts on top designers and new products, but there is something quite unique about a personal blog. Of course i have been reading the ones about couples trying to become parents, but also the posts of peoples day to day lives, filled with triumph and troubles. I kinda admire people who allow you into their hearts when they write posts to hundreds of strangers, they allow themselves to become vulnerable and open to much criticism, but at the same time are giving you a chance to learn from them.

I have always wanted 'i Love Lucy' to be personal, sure i want to give you the scoop on fashion and all things trendy, but i also want to relate to you as a reader on another level. My write up mentions that i will tackle everything from music to day to day life, and that is what i really want to do, so here goes.... today i write about my life right now.

A little while ago i wrote a post entitled: hopes of happiness and tiny toes. A lot has happened since then, we have moved into a stunning little home and really are achieving a true state of happiness. i want to create a home that is filled with love and light and as the saying goes "i want a home that will always be too small for all our family and friends". When my niece Michaela starts to throw a tantrum or gets tears in her eyes (which does not happen often, bless her)I say "we dont cry in this house", unless ofcourse its for a happy reason or a good movie. I truly want to stick to that, may i have a home that is always filled with love and laughter and never with sadness or tears.


Marsden and i continue to pray about our situation in the baby making division. We know that all the pain i experience and all the doctors trips i make are part of a biger plan to get my body healthy and ready for a family. It remains frustrating to know that so many months have past, and still i struggle with feeling uncomfortable and achy. I believe the best thing for us is to stick to the plan....start the Fertility meds in the new year and if nothing happens go for the laparoscopy. One thing i know for sure, is I cant continue to live the way i do, i would love to have some quality of life in that division without all the aches and pains.

I have been reading a few blogs about woman who experience the same symptoms i do and are ultimately in the same boat. I feel connected to them even though we know nothing about one another. I often think the battles of infertilty and even fertility problems are so unfair, and I joke about all the teen moms out there who must be doing something right. But at the end of the day, I know that we are all on a journey, a journey without a map that winds us through dirt roads and sometimes through smooth open tarmacs, and someday when it is right we will all enjoy that moment of becoming parents.

With the year winding down i look forward to my favourite time of year, CHRISTMAS!. this year is especially special for Marsden and I as we have gained two new family members as my brother is dating a lovely girl who has the most gorgeous little girl alive who we just love to bits. Leigh and Michaela have really brought a wonderful new dynamic to the family and we just love them dearly... Hopefully someday soon we will be hearing wedding bells, what a blessing another wedding will be!

Michaela baking at our place!

Silly season is here with the shopping malls putting up christmas trees!

Uncle Mars and Michaela playing blocks!

Me and my new sisterly!

Soooooooooo in love, My Brother and Leigh!

I hope to post more sentimental and personal pieces in future, read them or dont but i hope to take this blog to another level and not be too one dimensional.

Take care my Lovelies......

With all my love

Thursday, October 13, 2011

LuCy LoVeS.............. WaRm SuMmEr NiGhTs & GoOd ThInGs To CoMe..... HoPeFuLly!!!!!!!!!

Hello Lovelies

Its a glorious warm summer evening and after a good clean of the kitchen, a large Pizza and some Tv, Im sitting on the couch in a pair of Marsdens shorts relaxing.

The lovely thing about long days at work and even longer years at the grind, is that eventually they all end and you get to spend time with people you really love. I cant believe that all the christmas decor is in the stores and the chimes are ringing out to boney M already!!!!. Was it not just christmas the other day??? guess not.

I guess this is the time of year that, typically, you should start reflecting on the year you have had. Mine seriously didnt pan out as expected, but hey we are not the masters of our own fate, we merely are steering our lives in the best direction we can.

This is a very short post just giving you a little thought........

THINGS WILL GET BETTER!! i promise as bad as it seems, it eventually will work out. Lets embrace the year end as we start to wind down. Enjoy your family and friends and embrace the cheesy hats, and horrible tasting christmas cake.

(about) 9 weeks and counting and hoping to bring you some fun inspirational tutorails and fashion pieces before then!

anyhoo thats me for the evening, sorry for the random post.... this warm air is getting to my head!

Sleep sweetly my lovelies......

With all my love

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LuCy LoVeS.........ThE FuN KiTscH StUfF.......

Hello Lovelies.......

This post is a lil delayed as iv had a roller coaster of a week to try and get over.......

The long and the short of it was this: After three weeks of planning a "summer holiday" with Marsden and building up a major amount of excitement, my body decided to stab me in the back and leave me for dead! (ok so thats a little dramatic, but hey my immune system was not playing around). We ended up cancelling our holiday the day before leaving as i was stuck with a kidney, bladder and...... wait for it...... upper respiratory infection.

So after lots of tears on the ruin of our vacation and five days of Cortesone down (with a lovely swollen face to match), it seems i am back in the land of the living, and back to all my little Lucy's.

I need a little "pick me up" post as i couldnt not be sadder thinking about how i should be looking at an elephant or something right now, so i decided to do something fun with the write up today.

Has any one noticed the sudden acceptance of all things Kitsch??? seriously though, things that were considered completely taboo in the past have all of a sudden become very much 'in'!. Im talking steve erkel frames and leopard printed leggings, all the stuff that was labelled a serious no go has suddenly come back with a bang.

I for one dont mind it too much, i love the fact that women are having fun with their clothes and experimenting more and more without the restriction of trends holding them back. Lets look at all things kitsch and how to wear them appropriately without looking like a complete mess:

time to play old school Kitsch and New school Kitsch!

Lose the old school Steve Erkel get up and replace it with something inspired by the fall range from DSquared2, all the pieces are Mens wear inpired and have a classic edge with a bit of fun.

Or perhaps be a lil more casual and just rock a beanie and some cheap shades.

Leopard print, BAD IN THE 80'S!!!!!! sooooo cute in the new school.......

seriously ladies. lets not make fatal errors in judgement when it comes to the "less is more concept".... the saying really is true.......... less IS more!

This on the other hand is what im talking about, fun and flirty... cutesy and still fashion forward!

Small statement pieces are vital to bring a lil pizazz to an outfit. Nicole Ritchie does it perfectly here.

Remember to pair your Kitsch cool with currrent pieces, and dont throw out your moms old vintage scarf!..... fashion fades have a way of wriggling back and becoming cool again, so think twice about chucking out those vintage handbags of Grans, yes the ones with the tassles! lol, you just never know.

Thinking of doing a scarf post next, my obsession is getting a lil much.... so i think its time to show you......... until then....

All my love

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

LuCy LoVeS............StYle IcOnS & PeRfEcT TrEsSeS!

Hello Lovelies......

Welcome to the Wednesday rant! With the sun beating down on us in Sunny SA, and a vacation looming for my husband and I, I cant help but feel excited about the rest of the week. Lets get straight into the fashion post for the day....... Style icons and how to get the same looks for less!!!!!

Ever look at people like Jeanni Mai, Guilliana Rancic and Kim Kardashian and feel consumped by a small green goblin called envy? I do, all the time. There is truly something timeless about the pieces they collaborate  whether it be a sexy chiffon top and simple Jeans or elegant gowns gracing the soft red carpets of Hollywood, some of those celebs just have it!
 But who's to say that you don't? you can absolutely have looks just like these style icons for far less. and no one will know the difference!

Stores like Edgars, Mr price and Vibes are sure to stock all the trends eventually, sure they may be a few weeks behind, but hey id rather wait then break the bank!!!

wardrobe staples like a timeless blazer or a good pair of jeans, truly are affordable these days and compliment almost anything you have hanging in your closet!

its important to remember that statement pieces will go along way in you wardrobe, using a layering technique to get the most out of the things you have. Incorporate the old and the new and perhaps think of revamping a top with a few ruffles or even just rip those old jeans and revive your day time look.

i truly believe that you can be iconic in your own right, draw inspiration of the icons you love and then let the search begin!
This is really quite an old pic of me but the only one with one of my fav blazers which I bought at Mr Price for only R120!!!! Kinda reminds me of  Kim Kardashian school boy style in the pic below.

So it shows you, you can get those looks and wont have to worry about falling behind trend again. Stay current with your trends but dont allow them to dictate what to wear. trends will come and go but good fashions items will last you lifetimes! stick with the basics and have fun dressing them up to get that trendy up to date look.

One of the greatest assets that we have as women, has to be our hair. I gotta say that often my hair has saved the day when im having serious fashion meltdowns. Being current and trendy also means keeping those tresses looking healthy and ultimately just having fun with what you have! try something new, dont stick with the mundane styles day after day. below iv captured some fun styles to take a look at...

Eventually when my hopes and dreams of being a Pro Blogger come true (and I have more than 4 people following me, I love you all) i would love to post a couple tutorial videos for all of you to watch and try out for yourself....

For now let me know what you think....

All styles created with a good straightening Iron, Tresemme heat defense and lots of hair spray!

I was very Lucky to have an amazing hairstylist for my wedding, the style was soft and pretty.... and very dark. i just loved it. Again just done with a good blow out and then a straightening iron to set curls in place. (It does help to have your hair healthy before hand to allow for best results)

Thanks for joining me today, i hope you enjoyed the (hopefully) inspiring post on being your own icon and styling those gorgeous tresses. I f you have any questions about the styles featured today dont hesistate to pop me a comment.

I hope to post a lil more before we go away, but if i dont i leave you with this.......

                 only great minds can afford a simple style!

have a fab week.

With all my love