Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LuCy LoVeS... RaNtS AnD RaVeS! (i wont lie i wrote this on Monday)

Hello lovelies....

so today is a real "welcome to Africa" kinda day, we are suffering with a major heat wave at the moment, I think it’s about 39 degrees outside, but lucky me I’m enjoying the cool air conditioning in my office, I hear that we better brace ourselves as this is gunna last a while.

Marsden and I really enjoyed a wonderful weekend, we had the honor and privilege of babysitting little miss Michaela, aka Munchy, Munchkin, Mickey Mouse, Mouse or Pea (the last couple are names I call her). I think looking after another little person makes you realize a certain amount of "maternal instinct", things come naturally and you kinda just do them... so I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a real mom, I guess that's why moms don’t mind dirty nappies and vomit too much. I on the other hand still have a major problem with vomit and my best friend and I agree that as a woman you need to have your children very close together and make them sleep in bunk beds, that way if one of them throws up in the middle of the night you can wake the other and say "hey you wanna make 20 Bucks" with a lovely grin on your face. We both agree that this is a brilliant plan, however many moms have laughed at our brilliance and simply say "when it’s your own you don’t care"; I guess I’ll have to test the theory.

with the new Monkey that uncle Mars bought me......

Today has been one of those days, I’ve dropped everything, made silly typing errors and called people by an incorrect name, I guess it’s a case of the Monday blues but my aching back certainly has played a role in it all. That’s my rant... My rave is that it’s only 5 more sleeps till we go to the Kings of Leon concert. Mars and I don’t often go out and when he surprised me with tickets I almost jumped out my skin, after suffering with a kidney, bladder and chest infection all at once we had to suddenly cancel a holiday we had been planning for weeks, I felt very sorry for myself and so My wonderful Husband surprised me with the tickets to make it all better!

I feel kinda bad that I haven’t had the opportunity to blog in a couple days, in fact I have been reading some incredible blog posts and all the while I keep thinking "where do you find the time????". Between working, cleaning my house, and trying to have some normal social life I find it very difficult to blog every day. I find those woman who blog all the time have such a passion for it and perhaps my posts are not as in depth and exciting to read, either way I still love doing it, and am very proud that I have a whole nine people following me! yeeehaaaaa! Thanks guys.. You make it worth it.

Have any of you found a blog that you are raving about at the moment? I have been reading soooo many it’s hard to pin point one that I really love. Pop me a comment with blogs that you love and share it!

Wishing you all a fantastic week filled with love laughter and rays of goodness.

With all my love........


  1. Have fun at the concert! I love having alone time with my husband. It's why I married him, after all!

    That sock monkey picture is adorable. :)

  2. Thanks so much, i am so excited to see Kings of Leon!!!!! and most importantly spend time with my husband and family.

    I think im more in love with the sock monkey than my niece is! sooooooooo cute.

    thanks for the comment, about to read some of your stuff.......

    Have an amazing day!!


  3. Thank you for joining The Girlie Blog. So glad you followed. Your kiddo is so cute.

  4. It's starting to get hot here as well, and I am not looking forward to it at all as I basically wear black stockings every single day! You poor thing being hit by the sick stick all at once! You defo deserve a fantastic evening with your husband at Kings Of Leon, make sure you post about it!

    I've been blogging all up for about three years, not with my current one, but all different ones. I make them, and use them for a bit and delete them. But this year I just really committed myself to it, and it seriously has been one of the most enjoyable things I have done all year. It keeps me motivated, and I'm constantly being inspired by all kinds of amazing and talented lady folk around the world. Sometimes it can be a little disheartening, but as long as you love it it's worth it!

    Here are some blogs I check almost daily:
    Danielle is a serious blogger! She blogs about her adventures with her husband, friends and being a stay at home mum.
    Hannah is the biggest sweetheart ever! After I stumbled across her blog I was really inspired to make my blog better.
    Lost Cabin is a recent blog I've found, but I LOVE it! Toni is a babe, and 'lost cabin' is basically the best word combo ever!
    Brooke is a fellow Australian blogger that casually blogs about her day to day happenings and events. She's creative, and quirky.
    Jenny is the cutest piece of pie! And makes delightful things to sell on Etsy. She has killer fashion sense too!

    And of course Samantha from Everything In Between!


  5. ahhhh I wish she was mine! shes my niece. If you read some of my posts you will see that my husband and I are really struggling to fall pregnant.

    i have already read some of your work, its fantastic... will most def be exploring your blog a lil more..


  6. hey Lauren

    Thank you soooo much for your amazing comment, i have been so inspired by blogging, and i have made contact with some truly amazing woman.

    I will be sure to check out all the blogs you suggested!

    Btw, we should sponsor each other.


  7. I'd love to sponsor you! I've had to stop accepting sponsor for November because I have so many already. But I would LOVE to for Decemeber, I know it seems far away, but October just flew by, and I think November will too. So I'll put you down for Dec if you like? Just email me if you're still keen!


  8. I would love to grab a Dec spot! please put me down. Still working on my button but should have it up and running by then.

    Yay for sponsoring! ill be in touch.