Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LuCy LoVeS........... PeRsOnAl BlOgS.........

Hello lovelies...

Lately i have been reading a lot of personal Blogs, don't get me wrong i love the fashion related posts on top designers and new products, but there is something quite unique about a personal blog. Of course i have been reading the ones about couples trying to become parents, but also the posts of peoples day to day lives, filled with triumph and troubles. I kinda admire people who allow you into their hearts when they write posts to hundreds of strangers, they allow themselves to become vulnerable and open to much criticism, but at the same time are giving you a chance to learn from them.

I have always wanted 'i Love Lucy' to be personal, sure i want to give you the scoop on fashion and all things trendy, but i also want to relate to you as a reader on another level. My write up mentions that i will tackle everything from music to day to day life, and that is what i really want to do, so here goes.... today i write about my life right now.

A little while ago i wrote a post entitled: hopes of happiness and tiny toes. A lot has happened since then, we have moved into a stunning little home and really are achieving a true state of happiness. i want to create a home that is filled with love and light and as the saying goes "i want a home that will always be too small for all our family and friends". When my niece Michaela starts to throw a tantrum or gets tears in her eyes (which does not happen often, bless her)I say "we dont cry in this house", unless ofcourse its for a happy reason or a good movie. I truly want to stick to that, may i have a home that is always filled with love and laughter and never with sadness or tears.


Marsden and i continue to pray about our situation in the baby making division. We know that all the pain i experience and all the doctors trips i make are part of a biger plan to get my body healthy and ready for a family. It remains frustrating to know that so many months have past, and still i struggle with feeling uncomfortable and achy. I believe the best thing for us is to stick to the plan....start the Fertility meds in the new year and if nothing happens go for the laparoscopy. One thing i know for sure, is I cant continue to live the way i do, i would love to have some quality of life in that division without all the aches and pains.

I have been reading a few blogs about woman who experience the same symptoms i do and are ultimately in the same boat. I feel connected to them even though we know nothing about one another. I often think the battles of infertilty and even fertility problems are so unfair, and I joke about all the teen moms out there who must be doing something right. But at the end of the day, I know that we are all on a journey, a journey without a map that winds us through dirt roads and sometimes through smooth open tarmacs, and someday when it is right we will all enjoy that moment of becoming parents.

With the year winding down i look forward to my favourite time of year, CHRISTMAS!. this year is especially special for Marsden and I as we have gained two new family members as my brother is dating a lovely girl who has the most gorgeous little girl alive who we just love to bits. Leigh and Michaela have really brought a wonderful new dynamic to the family and we just love them dearly... Hopefully someday soon we will be hearing wedding bells, what a blessing another wedding will be!

Michaela baking at our place!

Silly season is here with the shopping malls putting up christmas trees!

Uncle Mars and Michaela playing blocks!

Me and my new sisterly!

Soooooooooo in love, My Brother and Leigh!

I hope to post more sentimental and personal pieces in future, read them or dont but i hope to take this blog to another level and not be too one dimensional.

Take care my Lovelies......

With all my love


  1. aaah sisterly.
    happy tears. :)
    what a blessing to be so accepted in such a awesome family. munch and I are very lucky indeed. xXxXx

  2. I'm enjoying reading about you! Personal blogs do have a good thing about letting others in. You can be a voyeur without being creepy stalkery hehe.

    I will be sending you all my good thoughts for you and your hubby in the baby making department.

    I was with Matt for 6 years before we had Ethan. I wish you both lots of luck and hopefully your little one will come soon.