Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LuCy LoVeS.........ThE FuN KiTscH StUfF.......

Hello Lovelies.......

This post is a lil delayed as iv had a roller coaster of a week to try and get over.......

The long and the short of it was this: After three weeks of planning a "summer holiday" with Marsden and building up a major amount of excitement, my body decided to stab me in the back and leave me for dead! (ok so thats a little dramatic, but hey my immune system was not playing around). We ended up cancelling our holiday the day before leaving as i was stuck with a kidney, bladder and...... wait for it...... upper respiratory infection.

So after lots of tears on the ruin of our vacation and five days of Cortesone down (with a lovely swollen face to match), it seems i am back in the land of the living, and back to all my little Lucy's.

I need a little "pick me up" post as i couldnt not be sadder thinking about how i should be looking at an elephant or something right now, so i decided to do something fun with the write up today.

Has any one noticed the sudden acceptance of all things Kitsch??? seriously though, things that were considered completely taboo in the past have all of a sudden become very much 'in'!. Im talking steve erkel frames and leopard printed leggings, all the stuff that was labelled a serious no go has suddenly come back with a bang.

I for one dont mind it too much, i love the fact that women are having fun with their clothes and experimenting more and more without the restriction of trends holding them back. Lets look at all things kitsch and how to wear them appropriately without looking like a complete mess:

time to play old school Kitsch and New school Kitsch!

Lose the old school Steve Erkel get up and replace it with something inspired by the fall range from DSquared2, all the pieces are Mens wear inpired and have a classic edge with a bit of fun.

Or perhaps be a lil more casual and just rock a beanie and some cheap shades.

Leopard print, BAD IN THE 80'S!!!!!! sooooo cute in the new school.......

seriously ladies. lets not make fatal errors in judgement when it comes to the "less is more concept".... the saying really is true.......... less IS more!

This on the other hand is what im talking about, fun and flirty... cutesy and still fashion forward!

Small statement pieces are vital to bring a lil pizazz to an outfit. Nicole Ritchie does it perfectly here.

Remember to pair your Kitsch cool with currrent pieces, and dont throw out your moms old vintage scarf!..... fashion fades have a way of wriggling back and becoming cool again, so think twice about chucking out those vintage handbags of Grans, yes the ones with the tassles! lol, you just never know.

Thinking of doing a scarf post next, my obsession is getting a lil much.... so i think its time to show you......... until then....

All my love

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