Thursday, October 27, 2011

LuCy LoVeS..... MaC AnD LuLuS!

Hello Lovelies.............

The weather really seems to be easing up, or perhaps im being fooled by my glorious air con? either way im feeling a lot cooler and looking forward to some possible rain this evening. Our master bedroom is upstairs in our home and so its like sleeping in a desert, i will gladly welcome some rain.

Today i want to do a bit of a product review, I havent done one in a while and this is one that i just love. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that i am in love with Essence and Mac. Essence is just a fun range of really girly products while I use Mac for all my foundation - (the truth is, if I could afford it i would buy all my make up there)

Today i went out and bought my foundation, i usually use the studio fix fluid in NW 20 and today i made the change to NW 18. while i loved the look of the 20, the 18 is far more subtle and matches my very fair skin perfectly. the thing about MAC is the long wear application, one application in the morning and you have nothing to worry about for the rest of the day. You may need to touch up if you are going out on the town in the evening, but generally one application a day will last. The make up artist advised using a primer before applying the foundation, creating a three step process of moisturizer, priming of the face and then the application of foundation. I truly think the key to a flawless, and more importantly seamless, looking skin is to use a good foundation brush. Up until about a year ago i was applying all my base with my hands, causing my skin to break out worse than ever. i was advised by a make up artist at MAC to start using a foundation brush, i found one that had a rounded tip, allowing it to completely contour to my face, getting in all those small hard to reach areas that your fingers miss. As of now i have a small amount of primer to see me through a couple days, just so i get a feel for it and if i like i will probably go back and buy a tube.

My purchases for the day....

Another wonderful little thing that I discovered was a lovely stippling brush from MAC. The great thing about the store is they will help you test and choose the best possible products for your skin type. While testing out different colours on my skin the make up artist used this amazing stippling brush. I had to stop myself from falling asleep and drooling all over her as it was soooo soft and gentle on my face. and the results with the brush were amazing. This will definitely be a be a future investment of mine. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT BRUSH!!!

this brush is amazing....want, want, want....

The walk back to the office took me past one of my favorite coffee shop, Lulu's, and a caramel mocha with an extra shot really went down nicely after a lovely little splurge.

Ladies pop me a comment with your fav make up brand and product at the moment....

Have a wonderful evenings lovelies

With all my love.........


  1. I have a Mac cream blush that I LOVE!! its so soft and more summery:) Unfortunatly their foundation gives me a rash:( MY favorite is the Clarins range, you dont even feel like you're wearing make-up, so gentle on your skin, just extremely pricey.

  2. They have such a great range of colour, just wishhhhh i could afford to buy everything there! ill check out the Clarins range, thanks Caz. Have a fab day babe.