Tuesday, October 4, 2011

LuCy LoVeS............StYle IcOnS & PeRfEcT TrEsSeS!

Hello Lovelies......

Welcome to the Wednesday rant! With the sun beating down on us in Sunny SA, and a vacation looming for my husband and I, I cant help but feel excited about the rest of the week. Lets get straight into the fashion post for the day....... Style icons and how to get the same looks for less!!!!!

Ever look at people like Jeanni Mai, Guilliana Rancic and Kim Kardashian and feel consumped by a small green goblin called envy? I do, all the time. There is truly something timeless about the pieces they collaborate  whether it be a sexy chiffon top and simple Jeans or elegant gowns gracing the soft red carpets of Hollywood, some of those celebs just have it!
 But who's to say that you don't? you can absolutely have looks just like these style icons for far less. and no one will know the difference!

Stores like Edgars, Mr price and Vibes are sure to stock all the trends eventually, sure they may be a few weeks behind, but hey id rather wait then break the bank!!!

wardrobe staples like a timeless blazer or a good pair of jeans, truly are affordable these days and compliment almost anything you have hanging in your closet!

its important to remember that statement pieces will go along way in you wardrobe, using a layering technique to get the most out of the things you have. Incorporate the old and the new and perhaps think of revamping a top with a few ruffles or even just rip those old jeans and revive your day time look.

i truly believe that you can be iconic in your own right, draw inspiration of the icons you love and then let the search begin!
This is really quite an old pic of me but the only one with one of my fav blazers which I bought at Mr Price for only R120!!!! Kinda reminds me of  Kim Kardashian school boy style in the pic below.

So it shows you, you can get those looks and wont have to worry about falling behind trend again. Stay current with your trends but dont allow them to dictate what to wear. trends will come and go but good fashions items will last you lifetimes! stick with the basics and have fun dressing them up to get that trendy up to date look.

One of the greatest assets that we have as women, has to be our hair. I gotta say that often my hair has saved the day when im having serious fashion meltdowns. Being current and trendy also means keeping those tresses looking healthy and ultimately just having fun with what you have! try something new, dont stick with the mundane styles day after day. below iv captured some fun styles to take a look at...

Eventually when my hopes and dreams of being a Pro Blogger come true (and I have more than 4 people following me, I love you all) i would love to post a couple tutorial videos for all of you to watch and try out for yourself....

For now let me know what you think....

All styles created with a good straightening Iron, Tresemme heat defense and lots of hair spray!

I was very Lucky to have an amazing hairstylist for my wedding, the style was soft and pretty.... and very dark. i just loved it. Again just done with a good blow out and then a straightening iron to set curls in place. (It does help to have your hair healthy before hand to allow for best results)

Thanks for joining me today, i hope you enjoyed the (hopefully) inspiring post on being your own icon and styling those gorgeous tresses. I f you have any questions about the styles featured today dont hesistate to pop me a comment.

I hope to post a lil more before we go away, but if i dont i leave you with this.......

                 only great minds can afford a simple style!

have a fab week.

With all my love

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