Thursday, October 13, 2011

LuCy LoVeS.............. WaRm SuMmEr NiGhTs & GoOd ThInGs To CoMe..... HoPeFuLly!!!!!!!!!

Hello Lovelies

Its a glorious warm summer evening and after a good clean of the kitchen, a large Pizza and some Tv, Im sitting on the couch in a pair of Marsdens shorts relaxing.

The lovely thing about long days at work and even longer years at the grind, is that eventually they all end and you get to spend time with people you really love. I cant believe that all the christmas decor is in the stores and the chimes are ringing out to boney M already!!!!. Was it not just christmas the other day??? guess not.

I guess this is the time of year that, typically, you should start reflecting on the year you have had. Mine seriously didnt pan out as expected, but hey we are not the masters of our own fate, we merely are steering our lives in the best direction we can.

This is a very short post just giving you a little thought........

THINGS WILL GET BETTER!! i promise as bad as it seems, it eventually will work out. Lets embrace the year end as we start to wind down. Enjoy your family and friends and embrace the cheesy hats, and horrible tasting christmas cake.

(about) 9 weeks and counting and hoping to bring you some fun inspirational tutorails and fashion pieces before then!

anyhoo thats me for the evening, sorry for the random post.... this warm air is getting to my head!

Sleep sweetly my lovelies......

With all my love


  1. I have to ask...why are your post titles like this?:

    WaRm SuMmEr NiGhTs & GoOd ThInGs To CoMe

    instead of:

    Warm summer nights & good things to come.

  2. I dont know really, started as a way i used to label albums on fb, and it just kinda stuck. just different i guess. looks like fun to me! <3

  3. Hopefully the new year will bring new life my friend!:) Having faith for you:)