Thursday, September 29, 2011

lUCY lOvEs..... uUuuUuUuUuUmMmMmM.... WhAtS NoT To LoVe.......

Hello Lovelies.........

Moving house often sparks the desire to get those creative juices flowing. The current interior design scene is  really buzzing with some amazing works at the moment, Lucky for me i have two very good friends in the design world working up a storm, Carey King a good friend of mine has started a Blog on her design adventure( while Ashley Chevalier makes her way out of internship into the big bad world of interior design in Jhb, currently working at Vendange at 44 Stanley.....

Recently a friend suggested that Mars and I go take a look at a little space of awesomeness called the name suggests, each piece in the store seems to hold a small memory or story from years gone by and the space is filled with such character its hard not to fall in love. Anything from old suitcases to worn out tea sets, you are sure to get lost in hidden rooms filled with precious pieces. This store is the essence of interior vintage couture and is truly worth the visit. address: NEPTUNE AVENUE, CROWTHORNE A H, MIDRAND, GAUTENG, ZA

Take a look at some vintage ideas to install in your home, the beauty of the vintage scene is that each room will take on its own personality as small features come to life.....

Memories stock such an incredible range of old suitcases, Maybe its just because im a fan of bags in general that this trends really sticks out to me!

The best part of installing pieces like these in your home is the ability to do all of it on a pretty tight budget (spending money on amazing statement pieces) and getting involved in the DIY process of making your house a home!

Simplicity at its best............. really proving less is more!

Lucky for Marsden and I, we recieved a vintage mantle piece just like this one (but way better ;-) ) as a house warming gift, will post pics soon i promise!

When I stayed In Cape Town, i was intrduced to a an amzing company called the Block & Chisel, Now anything i say about this store is completely meaningless in comparison to the absolutely incredible works that they sell, Im talking wooden doors out of temples in India. Please do yourself a favour and take a drive to the store in CT or Jhb:

Cape Town:

Factory Store, Cape Town

26 Estmil Road, Dieprivier 


Parkwood, Johannesburg

155-157 Jan Smuts Ave

Well Lovelies, thats me for the day. please post comments on recent stores you have been to and loved, id love to hear from you.

With all my Love...........

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lucy LoVeS....... CatChInG Up, ShAbBy BlOgS & BeInG HaPpY!!!!!!

Hello Lovelies

Wow, it’s been an age since I last posted to the very few people who read this, but hey lets catch up!

Marsden and I are happily settled into a little home and absolutely loving having our independence back again, how wonderful to just do as you please, I completely forgot what it felt like!. I came to realise that patching a band aid over your wounds won’t always solve the problems you are facing in other aspects in your life, sure we are completely content in our lovely new home, we have Chloe running around and playing with other cats in the area, Mars and I have a great marriage and are still so in love, but you still can’t help but think of what more is out there. perhaps it’s the longing for travel or for a family, or maybe even to have some extra money every month, the truth is that, unfortunately as a human being ( and especially as a woman), you will always long for more, But for now I am very content with my life.

Now enough about me and all my tales of life and love, let’s get into some fun things that you may like to look into. I decided to revamp I love Lucy simply because I was losing interest in it, and I really didn’t want that. Although there are only a few of you that read my silly rants, I still enjoy expressing myself through this little outlet to the world. I wanted it to be fresh and new and allow me to have some more fun with my posts, after searching for new templates I came across the cutest download site ever! Shabby Blogs!!!

Now think of walking through a virtual store of vintage cuteness, and you have shabby blogs. Anything from background templates to cute headers and post pretties, you are gunner find it here: 

In fact the divine pink distressed background I have revamped with is from shabby blogs, I love it!!!! Take a look at some aspects of the website: 

Please leave a comment or a link to your blog, I’d love to share in your journey! (And perhaps see some of your shabby blog work)

I promise that since I have revamped will be posting a lot more, I'm thinking of doing a feature piece on style icons next. Perhaps you would like to leave a comment with discussion or post topics you would like me to look into. I want to take I love Lucy to the next level. Xxx

With all my love