Friday, January 13, 2012

LuCy MuSt ApOlOgIsE....... ThIs Is OvErDuE! KOL!!!!!!!!

 Hello lovelies

Last year October i promised that i would post about your experience at the Kings of Leon Concert.  I was so busy last year that I ended up not writing about it, But im a lady of my word and so here it is.... The day we went to Kings of Leon!

I am a major fan of KOL, since the early days when they had long hair and no one knew who they were, I always recall saying that if I could go to any concert they would be in my top 5. KOL was schedule to to come to SA a really long time ago but the drummer had broken an arm or something and so they postponed the event. At that stage Mars was without work and we were seriously broke so going to Kings of Leon was not really an option.

The new date for Kol was released and people started to flood the ticket sales, I knew that we couldn't afford it even though Mars now had a job and we had moved into our new house, we had new responsibilities to tackle and we had just book a safari getaway at a game lodge ( I was so tired and felt really overworked and needed the break). i was super excited at the thought of Mars and I getting away for 5 days at a gorgeous lodge. Two nights before we were scheduled to leave we had friends over for dinner. I coughed pretty much all night and by the time they left I didn't have a voice. The next morning i scheduled an appointment with my GP as my body was aching all over. the GP told me I had a slight bladder infection and had the flu and that I shouldn't worry about missing my trip (Boy was he wrong). The next morning I was almost admitted into hospital, turns out I had an infection in my kidneys as well as my bladder and that my flu (which was more like bronchitis) was a result of my immune system being under such attack. The trip was off and it was time for some serious bed rest. Six doses of cortisone a day and major antibiotics.

Eventually I got better, but I was totally bummed about missing our trip, I think I cried about it a few times (like a lil baby) because I was just so tired and needed a getaway. The following week Mars came home a little late and walked in with groceries for the house, i was cooking and he started unpacking the bags. suddenly he jumped and said "Oh my word what the hell are these" as I turned to see what he was talking about he stood in front of me with two Kings of Leon tickets in his hands!. SWOOOOONNNN!!!! I burst into tears, the fact that Mars knew how upset I was about missing our trip and making it all better with his was amazing. and I started to count to seconds till KOL arrived!

My sister in Law asked me to do her hair for the concert and I was totally proud of myself, i did a Grecian inspired up do and I think it came out amazing! take a look.

 the final product!

 Everyone Met up at our place and we had Lunch, got ready had a couple of drinks and then made our way to the concert! YAY!!!!

What an amazing venue, the same stadium that hosted the World cup!

I have a stack of pictures that i will put up in the next post, but KOL was quite possibly the sickest concert ever, danced till our feet hurt and sang till we lost our voices. Great band, great company and all in all a fab night that Mars made possible.

What concerts have you bee to that have been out of this world amazing!???

Drop me a comment.

With all my love.

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