Thursday, January 26, 2012

LucY Is BaCk WiTh A BiT Of pAsSiOn.......

Hello lovelies....

so I'v been away a while, and when I say away I mean away from the blogging community. I suppose I just needed a break, and i also felt like my blog was becoming this wasteland of the same information all the time. Its time to get back in it with a little more passion.

This Morning I signed up for Pinterest, and Im still kinda figuring it all out but so far im in love with everything. Amazing how inspiring images can be huh?? I look forward to pinning (Am I using the correct terminology?) all the images iv collected and sharing with everyone.

A while back i spoke about fixing up my spare room and now im on a mission to really get crafty and get stuck in, I wanna do some DIY frames (a lil nervous ill admit but im gunna try). I found some great ideas for the home on Pinterest.... woweeee take a look:

OK so I constantly save images on my computer, Im sorry if some of these belonged to you, please forgive me! Think of it as me loving your style! deal???

I love you all for sticking by me even while i took some time off from blogging, I promise to be back more often.

With all my love ( as always)


  1. I especially love the second one, so pretty!

  2. Hey Sarah,

    I know right? How gorgeous is all this home decor? so looking forward to making my house a home with all these ideas..... eeeeeek!


  3. oh so amazing pictures
    really inspiring!
    i love the one with the birds in love :)

  4. Hey Bubble....

    Iv gotta agree... those two birdies are probably my fav....... Im thinking of doing them on a huge canvas, will post pics to show you how it comes out.

    Busy checking out your blog, my goodness its gorgeous... will def follow!