Friday, April 22, 2011

LuCy LoVeS.................RoYaL HaTs!

Hello lovelies.......

I am lucky enough to have all the wonderful traits of british blood, fair skin and light freckles being some. If you havent already heard about the wedding of the century then you certainly have been hiding under a rock!. Friday the 29th of April is the big day, Kate middleton and Prince William finally tie the royal knot! And so i decided to post a little bit about the lovely bride to be.....Kate.

Kate is such a natural beauty, which not surprising as most of the royal family seem to pick gorgeous wives. I find her to have such a natural elegance, and a temperament fit to be a royal. With a skin of milk, warm chestnut hair and a smile that could knock u down with one slight grin, i believe Prince William has done a fine job. Not only does this bombshell have a natural beauty about her, but her elegant dress is really something to talk about.

Now im sure that being a royal comes with many perks and i can only imagine that the first is a wardrobe fit for a queen. Her latest iconic navy blue wrap dress is all over the net. Simply type Kate Middleton into google and i guarantee that you will find atleast 10 pictures of that dress. Its so form fitting and truly is something to just drool over. i noticed a couple of places that are doing imitations of the dress, so check out the online stores if your keen.

Another really cool trait of royal ladies, is hats!. Now im not talking boring old caps or winter woolies, no no, these hats are something special and i could only dream of having a collection of hat's such as these. Kate pulls each hat off with ease, style and grace.

Kate in a gorgeous Purple & lavender embosed trench coat with a matching hat, Divine!

Simple and elegant, a white netted hat with flowed embelishment.

This one is honestly one of my favourites, feathers, feathers and feathers!

How Cute is this, it looks like a small sparrows nest!

Small black hat with netted veil over the face. 

The unfortunate thing about hats in society is no one is really bold enough to wear them, and why? is it because we feel we not quite as important as a royal to wear one? or maybe its just that we dont go to many events were a hat seems approipriate. I for one love it and hope to wear wear more trendy headpieces, especially now that its winter.Now we must understand that we dont have to be as eloborate with hats as kate is, we dont want to look over dressed.Woolworths in Melrose Arch have just brought in an amzing range of head wear, which all you ladies should check out. However if you are looking for a bold statement piece to wear to an event, why not check out Pam Goldberg. Pam is a hat designer based in Johannesburg, who works with each client individually to create the perfect piece for any occasion or outfit.

 So ladies, if you have a fancy doo coming up why not get some royal inspiration. Create a stir and make your new accessory a statement piece that leaves everyone buzzing about your amazing style. Or better yet, create your own reason to wear a trendy head piece, plan a day at the races, or go to a polo match. get out there and dazzle them all.

I hope you are looking forward to the royal wedding as much as i am, as we all anticipate what the dress will look like, what royal jewels will she be adorned with and most importantly.......... what will she be wearing on that gorgeous head?????

Happy Easter lovelies!!!

With love........


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