Thursday, April 21, 2011

LuCy LoVeS...........EsSeNcE & FoReVeR NeW!!!!

Hi Lovelies..........(this post is truly for the ladies!!!!)

The concept of true feminine clothing has finally arrived in SA, ladies i present Forever new!. Now if your a real girly girl and had dreams of being a ballerina when you were a little gem, then this is the store for you!. This fresh approach to womans clothing is really something, The simplistic yet definitive style is really designed to work with  a womans body. The forever new stores truly provide you with a shopping experience, great lighting. clean lines and shelves filled with gorgeous clothing definately leave you wanting more!

My first purchase was lovely because i received a Forever new gift card as a birthday present. after admiring all they had to offer (and trust me there is alot) i decided on a gorgeous handbag. My new handbag has become like a small child to me! not to be put on the floor during dinner or trips out and certainly handled with care. I think the thing i love most about the bag (besides it being absolutely gorgeous and amazing to look at) is its functionality and durability. There are tons of hidden pockets and zip up sections and its got a really feminine pretty lining on the inside. Sure forever new is pricey, but i think you have to realise that their products truly stem from their brand , and that is that your purchase will last forever! 

The latest store opening is in melrose arch and is really quite something, they also have a branch in Rosebank and Eastgate shopping mall. go check it out girls, just careful not to drool on the clothes, they dont seem to like that very much! hehe. Check out some of the stunning summer collection, I couldn't get any pics of the new winter collection but you can view it on

Now ladies, what would go really well with your new Forever new dress, shoes, handbag, driving gloves, hat, and jewelery is a new make up collection to really complete your look. Im not trying to be a sales lady here, im just sharing one of my new fav make up companies.Now im a MAC girl by heart, but unfortunately my budget doesn't always allow it, so i found the next best thing. Essence cosmetics are really amazing, and the price is even better! seriously ladies u can revamp you make up bag for under R200.  They stock the range at clicks so go check it out.

Anyhoo lovelies, i think thats me for the day, iv blogged my little heart out! Hope you enjoyed it.

With love...........

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