Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogging, LoVe and Social Media.........

So your probably all wondering why I'm blogging, funny how it came about actually, last night on the way to our epic Tuesday night bowling session , we started chatting about blogging in general, why do people do it and whats so great about it? well i guess its our curious nature fueled with society opening everyones lives through social media, we have this "need to know" attitude about everything lately. who's dating who, who did what over the weekend, and what did you eat for breakfast this morning. Ill be the first to admit, I'M HOOKED!......... although i still haven't cottoned on to tweeting. 

So why blog? A good friend of mine said something that i believe is true when we come to this topic..... " you need to have a level of self importance to blog", and i agree.... who wants to read any more than we have to about peoples boring lives than we do on info sections on FB, everyone knows that you looking at the picture first anyways.Now I am not saying i'm important,  i'm not even saying this thing is worth reading, but lets try it out.

I'm gunna discuss things i love, Body art, art in general, the fashion industry, music, people, and ill throw in a couple hundred other things along the way.

I thought about writing another paragraph here but i want to keep these posts short, nothing fancy just an intro as to why im doing this. I feel like i need to say something witty at the end of this so here it is.......The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music.

with love........

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