Thursday, April 21, 2011

LuCy LoVeS........EmMa O'BrIen

Hi Lovelies......

I couldnt help myslef but do another post. The LuCy LoVes series has got me excited about a whole bunch of things that i really love and want to share with the ones i love, so here it is. Lucy Loves..... Emma O Brien.

Growing up with a house full of dogs, tortoises, cats, bunnies, birds and even spiders encouraged my whole family to get involved with saving the little guys that couldnt help themselves.The SPCA became our new favourite pet store and saving as many as we could was our mission. Because there is a limit on how many animals you can keep at one time, we adopted three beautiful babies from the sandton SPCA. Bentley is our latest addition, a labradoodle (cross between a labrador and a standard Poodle. dont ask!) with as much energy as four children who have each swolled a KG of sugar. Mopsy was the previous addition, she came from a home of over 30 dogs who were all kept in small cages as the owner (a woman who was about 80 years in age) couldnt handle them all. Mopsy is very timid, and only goes to certain people, but once she has warmed up to she is a real little darling. Molly was adopted around the same time as Mopsy and is a pure breed basset hound, the laziest dog i have ever come across but very loyal and extremly loving (when shes not sleeping, which is about 75% of the time)



(Unfotunately i dont have a picture of Molly at the moment, but ill add one at a later stage.)

I posted an updated picture of Bentley on the Sandton SPCA page to show them how big he had got since my mom adopted him. A wonderful lady by the name of Emma got hold of me almost immediately, telling me how she was creating a calender to raise funds for shelter animals and wanted Bentley to be a model. Now its not everyday you get asked to have your dog model for a calender, and i wondered how he would do with all that energy. With a small amount of patience and Bentleys chew toy, he finally calmed down and posed for his shot! and what a shot it was............

Emma plans to do photo shoots of many dogs this year, and then create a calender for 2012, showcasing all the amazing shelter animals. All the proceeds from the calender will go back to shelters all over Johannesburg. Emma has a deep love for animals and has thrown her whole live into helping and volunteering. It was such an honour to have taken part in this project, I will keep you all posted on the calender and where to get hold of one.

Emma, you are amazing, your work and deep passion for this project really touched me. If only we had hundred's of Emma's out there, people getting involved in community base projects and making a difference. I know you are probably reading this and thinking about how cheesy i am by saying "making a difference" ( i say this because i felt a bit cheesy typing it) but its true. If we all did something small every now and again, surely it would make a larger change in the long run.

If you are interested in getting involved please check out and to check out Emma's work please go to

Saving one animal does not change the world; but surely for that animal the world will change forever

With love

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