Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LuCy LoVeS.... UpGrAdInG To A .CoM

Helllllloooooo Lovelies...........

Today is a lovely day, and as i gaze out the frosted window of my office i can see the rumbling dark clouds slowly making their way towards me with the promise of rain, although you can never really trust the rain clouds in Johannesburg.I promised that i would post pictures from the Kings of Leon Concert that we went to over the weekend, and I promise i will, i need to work on editing a few of the pictures and really make the post amazing, just as amazing as the concert was. So if you'll stick around a little longer I promise to deliver something truly worth the wait.

So many of the blogs i have been reading have their very own .com webpages and soon ill be making the move over to my own domain. I would really like to grow I love Lucy into something special, and i feel a little limited with blogger. The trouble with making a move like this is the possibility of losing a couple of my lovely readers and i reallllllly dont want to do that, so closer to the time i will give you all the new domain name and i hope that you will all make the move with me. I should still be on blogger for a little while longer as the webpage has alot of work that needs to be done. I will also be copying all of the posts from i blogger to the new page, so you wont miss out on anything.

Last night Mars and I tried out the camera for the first time, I must admit its very awkward to watch yourself on camera, But I am certainly going to try. I plan to make a few tutorial vlogs and everything looks like its in order, so that should be an exciting quirk to the new webpage. Ladies pop me a comment if there is anything you would like me to talk about or do on my vlogs. This past weekend i did a grecian inspired hair do for my brothers girlfriend, and she loved it so much i decided ill do a tutorial on it.

The main thing about I love lucy is that i really want to try stay away from being to one dimensional, i dont just want this to be a space to blog about trends or hair. My main objective with this blog is to make it a personal space of all the things i love in life, and allow you to come along with me and read about my experiences, the same way i love following you.

I am really looking forward to this new adventure as i blog my way through my day to day life, and even more than that i look forward to sharing it with you.

Hope you are having an amazing day.........

With all my love......


  1. This Pin made me think of your blog!


    a cup of subtle tea

  2. OH my goooodnessss is that not the cutest lil thing you have ever seen!!!!!!! thank you so much for the link, and thanks for following!


  3. You can buy a domain name through blogger and have it as .com. There really is heaps you can do with blogger and a heap of patience, There are heappps of blog tutorials online to make your blog more 'website-y'. Then you wouldn't have to more your blog and lose any readers.