Sunday, November 6, 2011

LuCy LoVeS........... FeELInG InSpIrEd........A PrOmIsE.......

Hello lovelies...

Its a warm sunday afternoon, and after hearing about a good friends engagement i am just buzzing with excitement. it brings me back to the time that Marsden rode me up a mountain on horse back and got down on one knee to pop the question, most of the things he said are a fuzzy haze as a complete contentment filled my soul. There is really something about that moment that no one else can share with you, and when it happens it feels like all the surrounding features simply fade into darkness and there you both are, filled with undying love and a certainty of whats to come.

Marsden is asleep on the couch, and iv put a load of washing on after cleaning up the house. While i was walking through the house picking up socks and dirty clothes from the weekend, I paused in the doorway of the second guest bedroom. The room is small and intimate and homes my beautiful antique dresser that i inherited from my late Grandmother, the legs are made up of ball and claw and the mirror is filled with character from years of use. I love looking into that mirror, it makes me think of a younger version of my grandmother, sweeping her hair into curls while waiting for my Grandfather to get home. Just knowing that she once looked into that mirror makes me feel somewhat connected to her, almost as though the mirror reflected her marriage and is now reflecting mine. Besides being home to my dresser, the only other piece of furniture in the room is an old rocking chair that i inherited from my Aunt, the legs are wound up in a gorgeous spiral design and the seat reclines a long way back. I hung out in front of the door before finally stepping inside and taking a seat on the rocker. As i slowly reclined back and started to rock to and fro i gazed out of the window and felt the warm summer heat on my skin, I thought about the room and the potential it had, Could this space be more that just a dressing room for me?. I felt overwhelemd with faith and promise of an exciting future, that through all the discomfort and longing, oneday, I would be rocking a small child in my arms on that rocking chair, and have that mirror reflect Marsden and I's family.

Hearing about my friends engagement reminded me about the promise of marriage, and what an amazing gift it really is. To share all you have with one person, and as Iv heard it put before "irritate someone really special for the rest of your life". The other promise is that of new life, the chance to share the greatest bond, the bond of becoming a family. i know that our promise will be fufilled, Its the one thing that i feel content about and have the utmost faith in.

Remember all the promises you have in your life my lovelies, the very things that make you pause for just a moment and take a second to take it all in. Even if it is just rocking back and forth in a rocking chair for a few moment dreaming of what may lie ahead in your life.

With all my love.....


  1. I loved this! Those pieces of furniture are really beautiful and have a lot of character. My husband & I just recently purchases a bunch of new furniture for our new place, and while we were looking for things Luke mentioned 'we cant get all white things, we'll have kids in the next few years and they'll come in and draw on all our white furniture'.


  2. How exciting is it to know that those pieces of furniture are the very pieces that will home your family one day. i love that a lot of the pieces i own are from my parents old antique store and from family past and present... its just a reminder of all the support you have growing up and growing older. Your Hubby is right, white may not be the best idea considering wax crayons are so much fun!