Monday, March 5, 2012

ItS OfFiCiAl...... LuCy Is BaD aT BlOgGiNg.........

Hello lovelies...

Look up at the last post date and you will notice that i took a little blog break, I felt somewhat uninspired and not into it in the last little while. So first off, my dear readers I am terribly sorry for not tending to this little space, its not good of me to just abandon you with no warning.

Life has been swell lately, of course there have been up and downs *(last month was definitely a downer, hence the lack of blogging) but all in all we are reaping in all that God has to offer for us this month. My business is thriving and Marsden and I are enjoying a newly restored faith and hope in the word and the message of Gods good news. How exciting that we get to wake each morning to a God that is so faithful and good to us.

Today our niece Michaela turns three, and a very happy birthday it is.... she has such a wonderfully bright and exciting future awaiting her, and how glorious it is for all of us to share in that with her! eeek so exciting.

This month also saw my two besties, Ash & Shaz, and myself restore our friendship and work on better things to come. it truly seems like this month is one of restoration and hope for the rest of the year.

Well like i said this earlier, im not really hitting the right notes when it comes to I love Lucy  at the moment so ill keep this post short......... but my lovelies readers.... if you are still out there and reading this.... please know this:

OH YES I DO! thanks for sticking around....

With all my love....

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