Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LuCy LoVeS ThE MoSt WoNdErFuL TiMe Of ThE yEaR!

Hello lovelies.....

Wel first off let me just say sorry to all those that got a lil put off by my last post, It was not a good day for me but hey i guess we all have our days, right???

Christmas has come and gone and now the air is a buzzing with major new years plans all round, I always find new years terribly dissapointing and always vow that the next year i will do something better but this time round im just kinda over it. What are all you lovelies doing for new years this year? I plan to watch dinner for one, eat a great meal and enjoy some fireworks on my patio, although that could change as i have very convincing mates that may just twist my arm.

This christmas period has been very festive for me, filled with lots of family love and excitement. The major highlight from my festive period has to be my husbands surprise gift. the friday before Christmas day i was told that i was going to live at my moms house for a little while and so i was promptly evicted from my home by my dear hubby. Two days and two nights past and when I eventually saw mars late saturday night he arrived with this................

Two days and you arrive with a gift the size of a CD case? I was sooooooo confused!. Christmas day finally rolled around and when we got to open presents i rushed for the small red package, Inside lay the most beautiful necklace and I was so taken back, it was beautiful and precious, but two days? for necklace shopping?

We had lunch with the family and I was itching to get home, People started to leave and mars said we could go to, as my surprise was waiting for me at home. We raced home and my house was in complete darkness, i rushed up the stairs and started opening up all the doors frantically, and there it was. I walked into a picasso blue beach house themed bedroom. With all the things i had seen during the year and wanted desperatly. I burst into tears, for days Mars and painted the WHOLE room, hung lanterns and put up pictures, new cushions new candles new EVERYTHING!

That day i felt truly blessed and continue to feel blessed each day i wake up in this glorious little sanctuary we call home. I now am on a mission to decorate the house, the room is a true inspiration, take a look: (sorry for crappy pic qaulity)

I fell in love with mars all over again at the romance of this gift, the fact that he worked so hard on it was such an incredibly touching thing for me.

I hope you all having a relaxing festive period, I hope to touch base with more of you soon.

A Belated Merry Christmas...

With all my love

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